Types of Services

The services offered at the Centre have developed due to a growing need and changing demographic on the Peninsula. We strive to support seniors living in their own homes by providing a home-like environment for them during the day. This also provides respite to carers, something that can make all the difference.

From the outset, the Centre has directed attention to gaps identified by the citizens of Saanich Peninsula. By carefully listening to those served by the Centre, a tapestry of activity is created that has led to enduring connections that has built our community spirit. Capacity building is essential to the sustainability of the Mount Newton Centre Society. Developing connections has strengthened our ability to serve but also to thrive over the last 40 years in a fast changing rural setting.

As well as our Day Program we support in-home care through our EQUIPMENT LENDING service. The loan cupboard supports Saanich Peninsula residents by providing health equipment on a short term basis. This ensures home safety after being released from hospital, or during recovery from surgery or injury.