The Society

The Mount Newton
Centre Society

Mount Newton Centre Society is a registered non-profit organization, guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. Since 1978, the Mount Newton Centre’s programs and services have been designed, developed and delivered by the Mount Newton Centre Society to complement existing community programs.


Steve Butler


Keith Vickers


Keith has been a board member for three years. His past experience has been in the construction industry and he is happy to bring that knowledge to the board. “I have a good handle on costs and my Commerce degree gives me a general background on most things that arise at Mt. Newton Centre.

The Mount Newton Centre provides a valuable service to seniors (and their caregivers) in our community, at a time when there seems to be general cutbacks in this service. It provides me with an opportunity to help in this regard and volunteer my time and experience. The “loan cupboard” is a unique and valuable resource and is serving a need not otherwise locally met.”


Brenda Harfield

Board Secretary

Brenda has been a board member since 2017. She brings lots of skills and experience to the Board. “I’m a resident and member of the Saanich Peninsula community, residing in the area, operating a business for 17 years and serving for 3 years as a Town Councillor for Sidney. I feel confident that my skills and experience can benefit Mount Newton Centre Society through community connections and raising funds for the Centre. I have lots of energy to take on the work that is needed to ensure that the Centre continues to serve a vital role in the community now and in the future.

My husband attended the Adult Day Program (ADP) at Mount Newton Centre for 3 years and both he and I benefited greatly from the services – the respite time that it gave to me while I felt confident that Bryon was safe and enjoying his days at MNC. This program enabled me to care for Bryon at home for an additional 3 years. Following his death in 2017, I felt passionate and committed to give back, and so offered to join the Board.”


Robert Cossette

Board Director

Rob has been a board member since 2013. For this term on the board he has been assigned to buildings and grounds. Having worked in the construction industry for the past 30+ years has given Rob a variety of exposure and knowledge of many aspects of maintenance that he is happy to apply where needed at Mount Newton Centre.

“Mount Newton Centre is an amazing place, not only to attend but to be part of. Not many people know about it though they may drive by it daily, as I did. One day my good friend Ed Gait, who volunteered on the Board for many years before and with me, asked me to join. I feel so blessed that he did. The work that is accomplished in this building is very much needed in our community, and is invaluable to many. These programs only continue to work if community members are willing to give back. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to volunteer on this Board.”