Equipment Lending

The Loan Cupboard

Our Health Equipment Lending Program, known traditionally as the “Loan Cupboard”, is operated in an adjacent building. The purpose of the Loan Cupboard is to support the citizens living on the Saanich Peninsula by providing health equipment to those who need it. Individuals can borrow equipment on a short term basis to help them recuperate from surgery or to keep them safe at home.

Equipment is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis and ranges from canes to hospital beds. Long-term rentals are available if necessary and some equipment can be delivered and installed. Individuals living south of Royal Oak Avenue should contact another agency serving your area, such as the Red Cross.

Equipment by Donation:

Most items are initially on loan for 3 months by donation. Rental extension for a nominal fee is available if the equipment is required beyond the due date. This is laid out in an equipment loan agreement which we will ask you to sign before using our equipment.

Rental Fees:

If the equipment is kept beyond the 3 month “by donation” period, the rental fees depend on the nature of the equipment.

Most items are $10.00 per month per item. The following items have different monthly rates:

  • 4-wheeled walker: $15/month
  • Aqua Lift, Safety Pole: $15/month
  • Manual Wheelchair: $20/month
  • Transport Wheelchair: $20/month
  • Recliner Lift Chair: $55/month
  • Hospital Bed: $65/month
  • ROHO Cushion: $15/month

Delivery and Pickup

Set-up, dismantling and pick-up by Mount Newton Centre Staff is mandatory for all large equipment such as hospital beds and lift chairs. There is a charge for this service:

  •  Lift Chairs $115.00 (includes delivery, pick-up, and 1st month’s rent)
  •  Hospital Beds $165.00 (includes delivery, pick-up, and 1st month’s rent)

Downloadable Agreement

Please fill out the agreement form and bring a printed copy with you when picking up equipment to speed up processing.

Note: if you are a recurring client (within one year) you do not have to fill out another agreement form.