The Loan Cupboard

CHEK News visits Mount Newton Centre’s Loan Cupboard.  Click the link to watch!


  • Maureen Jones / / Reply

    I cannot praise the Loan Cupboard at Mount Newton enough. My friend had a very serious accident when she was on a vacation abroad. She was airlifted home and we needed to be ready to receive her back into her own home. She needed multiple aids to allow her to be able to manage with help at home. I was able to obtain a walker, a wheelchair, a bath seat , a raised toilet seat for her home. She arrived home at 1 am exhausted and traumatized but we were able to get her to bed, meet her ambulatory needs etc because we had accessed the equipment from the loan cupboard for her arrival. The staff is very pleasant and accommodating. We are so lucky to have this service in our community. Thank you!

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